Welcome to the website of the Two-day Conference:

Historiography of Greek Education: Reassessments and Prospects
2-3 November 2012, University Campus of Gallos, Rethumno

The Conference is dedicated to the remembrance of Alexis Dimaras 

 The two-day Conference aims to chart the scientific course of the Historiography of Greek Education. Although History of Education has been acknowledged as a distinct area of study from as early as the 19th century, it is only since the 1970s that vigorous research has been published establishing the field as a scientific discipline. The relevant literature produced over the last 40 years has reconstructed remarkably the Greek educational past. At the same time this literature has shaped the major characteristics of the scientific field by establishing the dominant theoretical assumptions and methodological paradigms, as well as the topics of inquiry, and the historical time and place that attract more often the investigative focus.

The theme of the Conference was determined by questions and issues pertaining to historiographical topography of the history of Greek education (in its entirety as well as divided to time periods and thematic constituents). The Conference theme was also determined by the critical investigation of the relations between Historiography of Greek Education with other relevant scientific fields and the theoretical underpinnings and research directions of international historiography.

As the organising group - representatives of University Departments that work and study on this research field, and a scientific society that includes members from a broader field of the History of Education - we wished during this phase to capture the historiographic picture of the field and to present current research and instruction of the History of Education at Greek academic institutions and research organizations. A further aim of this conference is to promote the discussion among historians of education, historians and other social scientists, as well as to encourage the dialogue among experienced and early-stage researchers.

The two-day Conference at Rethymnon, 2-3 November 2012, is organised by the Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences (P.S.S.) and the Department of Preschool Education (P.S.E.) of the University of Crete, in collaboration with the Greek Society of Education Historians (G.S.E.H.), with the support of the P.S.S. Postgraduate Programme “Theory of Education, History and Politics”. Established researchers and senior historians of Modern Greek Education meet with younger scholars and reflect on main issues elevating the research inquiry with new readings and placing under scientific scrutiny former assumptions of the various sectors of the History of Education.